Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Dear A,

My sweet, sweet A. I still love you very much and I’m glad I met you. Thank you for teaching me the lessons I learned today.  Our breakup was the most painful thing that I’d had to go through but it taught me so much of what I want for myself, how I want to be treated, and who I want to become. You and your family have given the opportunity to know what it feels like and to be loved by an actual family – the way you spoiled me with your time and love and the way your family spoiled me on birthdays and Christmas.  It was really weird for me to be treated like a real person, to be allowed to have feelings, and to be able to speak my mind.  

I know in the end it was rough for us with the misdiagnosed ADHD and me being on adderall for 2 years and having PTSD not ADHD. Lol. We both didn’t know but maybe it’s what we both needed to figure out what we want in our lives and to evolve to become who we’re meant to be.  I don’t know if we’ll ever see each other again or talk to each other again but know that I love you very much, A. I’m going to miss your smelly feet, your childish humor, your smile, the way you would carry me,  the way you held me, and the way you laughed. I loved taking photos of you when you weren’t looking because I wanted time to stand still for us in those moments.

It’s been a couple months now since we last talked and I’m ready to move on with my life now, and I hope things go really well for both you and me in our future. I’m going to miss you so much but it’s time for me to let it all go. As much as I want you, I want to see and meet more people out there that may be for me, and I have. I’ve met new wonderful friends that understand what I’d gone through. I think the universe placed them in my life to understand the things that have happened to me and for me to cherish the moments I have with everyone else. Everything that’s happened taught me to love myself and to be human.

I love you, A; and goodbye, my sweet and my love.



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