Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah

LTME-postAfter all this time here we are. I write this letter knowing there is no hope. I didn’t get the chance of a last conversation, or any closure. This letter will serve as just that for me. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn that I let life obstacles get in the way. I honestly never wanted to live a life without you. If I had the chance today, I would give you life with me as you wanted it, and on your time frame. And I mean every single thing you wanted. I’ll move on now knowing I never loved truly before you, and I never want to love again. The pain I’m in isn’t worth it. I’ve resorted to numbing the pain by being with a woman who isn’t your equal in my heart. You haven’t lived until you have to wait for that person to leave the bed so you can cry in anguish. When you can’t have sex with that person because you’re not attracted to anyone that isn’t you. The woman before you crippled me emotionally. Made me cold and afraid. So afraid, that I never thought you would truly love me. I waited around for you to hurt me. I always thought it was a game with you. You have hurt me, but I see it’s because of my fear of REALLY committing to you. You’re a spectacular woman. A true beauty. Never let anyone tell you different. My biggest regret, not telling you EXACTLY show I felt when I last spoke to you. Instead I lashed out. Everything I said was in anger. That I’ll also have to live with eternally. They say that broken hearts mend. The truth is that my heart never will. It’ll continue to break, piece by piece for eternity. That much I’ve accepted. It’ll make me the person I become. Which I hope is the person I was the first 2 plus years of our relationship.

Best wishes my one great love!


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