LTME-postDear you
I’m starting to feel a pitted stomach feeling that I miss you.
I get it that you don’t want to associate with someone who broke you down mentally to a point of panic attack but I need to tell you I’m sorry.
I apologize a trillion times.
I never wanted to make you upset.
I’m sorry my feelings were manifested onto you. It was unfair of me to do that.
I feel alone quite often.
My phone doesn’t go off as much as it used to.
It’s so quiet in my room now that I have nobody to talk to. Andrews always on the move and you don’t wanna talk to me as far as I know. I don’t talk to anyone else anymore.
You could hear a pin drop.
I don’t know if you want to be friends or not but whatever you do if you said no it would probably kill me.
Maybe I’m feeling like this because it seemed like you wanted me out of your life as soon as possible or you seemed to not want to talk to me and let me go so carelessly.
I’ve never stopped thinking about what I did and what I caused that night and whatever i need to do I’ll do it.
I feel horrible for being such a self absorbed idiot.
I’ve never stopped asking what happened to the feeling that we had.
But it happened for a reason, (though the reason is unknown) but one can’t be mad.
just know that everything is cool with me but I get it if you wanted me out of your life.
hell, I would want me out of my life too….
I’m sorry.


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