broken heartstrings

broken heartstrings

broken heartstrings

LTME-postMy heart fills my body with ache. The dreams of tomorrow are shattered by yesterday’s thoughts, in reality not everything is meant to be, but in my head it’s a possibility.

What I think I thought were my emotions at bay, not dealing with myself and putting them away. I hurt us both with every thought cause my reality wasn’t what I want. It wasn’t you that had the problem. It was me that was your only problem, I force you to love someone who couldn’t naturally love you yet. Cause I’ve never loved myself.

The though of your life going on without me, hurts me. the thought of you loving someone else demolished me, the thought of your successes when I’m not there saddens me. And the thought of intimacy without you disarms me.

Memories are all I can hold onto. The tears I cry for you, are the closest your touch is to me. leftovers are my monuments of you. daily thoughts of you are the worst part part of me.

But everything around me keeps moving?

Broken heart never break evenly.

Look like I lost my everything


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