To G

LTME-postHey, You’ll never see this. But to be honest, it’s as pointless of sending you this message anyway. You’re so angry at me, we can’t even have a conversation. It’s been two years since we last spoke, 5 since we broke up. In that time my mind it’s forever drifting to you. All the fucking time and it’s so so upsetting. Why? Because I try to feel the same way for you for other people, and it doesn’t work. I fucked things up. You’re beautiful, you’re a good person and after seeing your smile in a photo earlier on. My heart broke a little bit more. If I hadn’t done what I had, we’d still be together. I’d still be holding you tight. I’m so fucking sorry for everything. Now I’m all grown. I only have regret. I love you G. I fucking love you.
I’m crying like it was fucking yesterday we broke up

Peace out


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