Questions for Liam

Questions for Liam

Questions for Liam

LTME-postFor honesty’s sake, I miss you. These questions are running around my mind, and I’d rather they were here than there so…
Do you sometimes miss me like I sometimes miss you?
Were we friends?

Would you like to be?
Can you picture this: there’s an alternative universe where you and I do not find each other remotely attractive. You like to talk about sports, I like to talk about poetry (not the sort you like) and we never manage to hold a conversation?
Who are you? Like really?
Do you feel horribly awkward remembering some of our exchanges? I do. I was so ridiculous.
Are you avoiding me or am I avoiding you?
Have you ever been angry about our mess or am I the only one who is haunted and you simply happy to forget?
Were you pretending when you were sentimental or when you were cynical?
Is answering these kind of questions your idea of a nightmare? (I’m amused imagining your answer).
What would you say to me if we were speaking?
Does your mind still roam in the middle of the night?
Was I just one girl among many? You weren’t, I’m not a man eater, I’m a romantic with a big R.
Are you happy now?
Are you a good person? Are you worth knowing?
Are you brave or self-serving?
You see, I can imagine another alternative universe where you and I watch sci-fi and eat pizza. We’re friends and I don’t ask questions because I don’t feel the need.
Anyway, you’re the ghost right? 😉 You know where to find me.


  1. Big R 3 years ago

    If you text me “big R” i will answer all these questions truthfully.

    & next time we meet the pizza can be on me.

    • X 12 months ago

      I haven’t spoken to this person for over five years – right about the time when I deleted his phone number. And I’m pretty sure he deleted mine 🙂

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