My heart breaks a little more each day you’re not beside me…

My heart breaks a little more each day you’re not beside me…

My heart breaks a little more each day you’re not beside me…

LTME-postTo B,

It has been 1 year and 6 months since we parted ways. We ended thing’s on mutual terms as we both were hurting one another too many times and I guess us parting ways, we thought it would make it less painful. I was wrong. My heart breaks a little more each and everyday you are not beside me my love. I grieve everyday for you and for us. My heart is connected to yours and I feel you are hurting too. The thing is, we are both too damn stubborn and you are set in your ways and beliefs to do anything about us. I tried sending you a text message a few months back without a reply. From that day forward I told myself that I can’t keep hurting myself like this anymore and I stopped trying to contact you as I respect you and your space. Every waking morning I check my phone in hopes to see a message or missed call from you. But the day goes by yet again without any word from you. I think you are trying to push your feelings aside and go about your life but we both know that is not what we both want. I know you miss me B, I miss you more then you’ll ever know. I cry myself to sleep every night. You come to me in my dreams and I awake crying. I am in soo much pain my love. Besides the petty arguments we had we were great together and you know this. I miss everything we shared together. I miss our weekends together doing absolutely nothing and yet it felt like everything. I miss our cheat meal weekends cooking foods we love and enjoying them together. I miss sleeping on your chest and feeling your heartbeat and falling asleep. I miss waking up to your beautiful face and being greatful to god for having such an angel beside me. I miss holding you, telling you how much I love you. I miss your laugh, your smile, your cute little voice you would make and speak to me. I miss your smell. I miss you and I miss your beautiful family. When we broke up not only did I lose you B, I lost them also. Although I did not want to stop contacting your mum, I had no choice but to. It hurt me too much . I know you are my twin flame, my soul mate. We are connected, there is no doubt about that. I believe we needed to part ways to grow and work on ourselves for the better in order to be the best versions of ourselves and someday in this lifetime or the next we will return to one another. I pray you are well my love and in good spirits. I always pray for your happiness, whether it be with me or someone else. As long as I know we share and stare up at the same moon and stars, that makes me happy as I know you think of me as I do you.

I will always have a piece of your heart B. Now and forever. And nothing or no one can take that from me.

Te amo mio amore
Love Mia.


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