We were meant to be

We were meant to be

We were meant to be

To Syd-

I see you living and enjoying your life the way you always talked about with your new boyfriend and It makes me happy, it really does. Im sorry for putting you through a roller coaster of emotions just because I couldn’t make up my mind on how I really felt anymore, I was so wrong for that and had no right. That being said, I can’t stop thinking what could’ve been between us if we didn’t get caught that night or even if we didn’t get caught at the gym. I imagine we would still be in love and continue to grow with each other. My mind replays the moment we got caught no matter how hard I try not to think of it and it fills my body with regret. It makes me regret everything i’ve ever done or said to hurt your intact heart. I will forever have your best interest at heart and wish you the best of luck at pursuing your nursing dreams and whatever else you decide to conquer.


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