The memory I don’t mess with.

The memory I don’t mess with.

The memory I don’t mess with.

Hey K. 

I know it’s a been a really long time. But if I don’t write this here, I’m gonna send it to you and I can only imagine that won’t end well. It’s been 5 years since everything and there isn’t a single day that goes by where I don’t wish I could have fixed it then rather than let us break the way we did. I was sick back then, and didn’t acknowledge the damage my brain was doing to our relationship and for that I am truly sorry. 

Now 5 years later, I hear you’re single again. And it broke my heart because I want more than anything to call you and tell you I still love you and want that life we imagined together. Kids and all. 

If I could find someone that loves me the way I felt loved back then, maybe I could stop thinking about you and finally feel like a whole person again. I know you’ve moved on, and I’m sure seeing my name drives a knife of hate through you, and I’m sorry. I thought we had the love only writers and artists truly know, the poetic and endless type. But I hurt you, and I ruined it, and though I’d give my all to make it up to you I know that isn’t what you want. So for everyone’s sake, I’ll keep this letter here and hope one day I really can love again. And I hope that you’re happy out there, and safe, and loved. And I hope one day I can be too.

You deserve the world K. 

I love you, today, tomorrow and forever. 



  1. Anon 1 year ago

    Nice letter, words are nice, but based on your not taking action to repair whatever harm you did, then it’s just self indulgent words. Even when all those words may be sincere and true, If you’re really sorry, tell the person and then in your actions show it.

  2. L 12 months ago

    You should contact me steven – K

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