My proper goodbye

My proper goodbye

My proper goodbye

LTME-postWhere do i even begin with this ? I think i will write a whole book for you to read . I wanted to leave you , i wished you would let me be every second of every day but they were right when they said ” be careful what you wish for because you might get it ” because since the day i left you , all i wanted was to get you back , to have the opportunity to kiss you one more time , to hug you and cry on your chest , to say proper goodbyes . I didn’t get the chance to and i ruined everything . I’m not sorry that i did it but i’m sorry about how i did it . You didn’t let me much of a choice but now is not the time to figure out who is right and wrong because it doesn’t matter anymore , we lost each other along the way . Us that we promised forever and ever . Us that was the most important thing on earth . Us that we would fight for day and night . You treated mehorribly, so wrong . You blackmailed me , disrespected me , played dark twisted games with me when all i did was love you . Don’t you think i was too young to be played with ? Don’t you think you went wrong with me ? I couldn’t fight for us while fighting you. I have never imagined freedom would make me feel so trapped . So now that you’re gone , how am i going to do ? How will i survive ? Or get over you , you that i considered my all and my home ? Tell me how to get over the love of your life ? How to go on and live your life when all it’s purpose is gone ? Because you were all my purposes , my only purpose . All my dreams, my only dream . I hope you’ll never forget about me because i sure am never going to . I hope my name crosses your mind sometimes because yours never leave mine and i hope your heart will leave me even the tiniest spot because you own all of my heart . This is my goodbye to you , i hope you will do okay , i hope you will be happy and live boldly . But just in case , you were wishing and missing what you had before and can’t find what you’re looking for . In case you change your mind , i will be waiting here in case you just want to come home , because i will always be your home . All my inconditional , true and undying love . Forever yours . F…

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