Jack C.

LTME-postYou knew I fell for you hard! I gave 100 percent but you knew you didn’t want me that way. You purposely used me and almost made me your little swinger fuck buddy. I was legally divorced and yet you’re still married. I’m still puzzled why you can’t come to the table with the truth. Oh I figured it out now!!!! Cause you have no respect for yourself, your wife, your kids, and all the people in your environment that I was caught up in for a brief moment in my life. I kept leaving you hoping you would wake up, hoping you realized how you’re hurting everyone. But this time I walked away for good. I didn’t deserve the games, lies and bullshit you put me through. But it woke me up and I now know I don’t want a pathetic insecure older man that depends on others’ financial, emotions and social status in life. You said plenty of times in the past you didn’t want to sound like a whiny little bitch well you are a BITCH!! Good luck with playing your fucking mind games and such. Adios!!!!!!!!


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