LTME-postHey Samantha

I’m sorry we ended this way. We had so many plans together and I’m sorry it have to end.

You were my favorite person

Our first kiss was my favorite and best one…I remember looking up at your eyes, your nose, then your smile as you leaned in to kiss me in an elevator.

I swear my world changed when I met you…well actually when you tapped on my shoulder. Ever since then, it was my best six years of my life. Just knowing you and then loving you.

You taught me lot about myself. I became a better person because of you. I’m so proud of us and how we worked so well together. You encouraged me. You believed in me. You let me be myself. I’m happier, more content because of you.

I moved the mountains, I crossed the entire country, I carried the weight on my shoulders and I walked through the storms. I feel like I’m strong enough to carry the world and it’s because of you.

We do have our pitfalls but… there must be rain before there is a rainbow. There must be a darkness in order for the light to exist. Things must fall before they get up. I don’t mind the couple therapy, meditation and some time away… I truly believed that we were meant to be.

I hope you noticed that I haven’t talked about your gender yet….because I don’t care. Yes really, I was confused and torn at first because that’s how you presented yourself when we met, started dating and got engaged but I saw how comfortable you got. It was hard for me to imagine at first because of obvious physical features but you showed me and proved me wrong. I was getting even more excited to meet you and fall in love with you all over.

The day you lied to me, tricked me into giving you back the ring and threw me out like a trash for no reason.

The day I died.

I’m sorry it had to end.


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