Please have me back

Please have me back

Please have me back

Dear Chloe 
I lay in bed wondering why, why did you do it to me, I don’t understand when you said you were unhappy but why, I gave you more then anyone else could do, you sent me one this that made me smile that day when I was working, it said “I know that good men still exist because I am lucky enough to have one” but three days after you send that to me, you ended it, I lay in bed every night I sent to a kiss good night because I love you 

You will never know my pain, I was on the right track to getting better but now I have gone back to how I was, I am sorry that you was unhappy but you never told me why, I always make sure you are ok, but I know deep down you are dying inside, I can’t move on you are the love of my life and I would give you anything, there is so much I want to tell you but I can’t, every night is the hardest not telling you I love you when I wish you a good night, we still talk like we are together but I know we are not, I still have you on my phone, maybe one day you will read this and see what you mean to me, I would be in the ground if it wasn’t for you, you gave me a reason to live but now I don’t, I keep telling people I am fine but I am not, I don’t want to join the navy but it’s way to show you what you have lost, when you smile I can’t help but smile to but it’s not the same smile it once was, I was writing our lives, I was going to ask you if you want to move out with me but that’s not going to happen, the day I turn 25 I was going to ask you to be my wife but that not going to happen, I want to get a dog with you but that’s not going to happen, people just tell me to move on but I can’t because there is no one else like you, you keep that charm around your neck because that came from the heart. I hope you find that one person that makes you so happy and treats you like a princess and keep that smile going because I love you so much.

Ting Tong


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