Unspoken words

Unspoken words

Unspoken words

Dear Bry

I know you will never read this, but these are my unspoken words for you

5 years have passed since I last saw you.  We met At the Italian festival. last place i expected you to hang out with your new bf lol

Last week we looked at each other and your eyes welcomed me with disgust and anger. 5 years have passed from the times you have given me the false hope of a new beginning to then only deceive me again and again. 

Toward the end you almost made me feel like i was the problem and i even lowered myself and apologized to you despite all of the shit you put me through.

Then You moved on so quickly it felt like i never existed, i was still suffering and you were already with someone else. Tough luck for me i guess. It’s okay though. I know you better than anyone now.

I forgive you for everything you have done to me and I forgive myself for being with someone who never cared. I was too young, too naive to understand such complex mind games that you, your friends and your older  sister were all playing.

I will never open my mouth to you, i will never look at you again in the eyes, everything that i needed to see i saw it when our eyes met my eyes at that supermarket in little Italy

I dont hate you for bringing me to my lowest, because you were just a challenge that life sent to me. A challenge that I survived and that now made me stronger.

I wasn’t sure weather I moved on from you until I saw you. I looked right into your soul and saw your hatred toward me, all of it!!! but this time i looked at you differently. I looked at you with indifference and then walked away, surely that made you disappear really quickly. 

The perfect spell against the witch.

You found out that now i am not listening to my heart anymore and that made you run away quickly. No where to hide anymore. Remember when I loved you so much? When I wanted to give you the world? … i offered you my heart and you stabbed it so many times. it’s time to let you go now. 5 years later and now i have proof that i am finally free!!!


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