I still love you, K

I still love you, K

I still love you, K

I really miss you. I don’t know if you miss me, and i know you have a girlfriend now. I’m happy for you, really, but i cant help but wish i was her. i wanna tell you how i feel and tell you that i miss you still and regret it all, but i don’t want our friendship to end just like how our relationship did.

I miss you a lot, and i wish you could see that without me saying anything. you’re funny and sweet, you made me feel like i was special. and i threw it all away all because my friend told me i should. im so sorry i did that. i shouldn’t have listened to my friend, and i wish we were still together. but you have a girlfriend now and i dont wanna ruin your relationship, because you seem happy. maybe happier than you were with me, but i can’t tell.

I hope one day i can tell you this, and maybe you’ll understand. I really miss you. <3


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