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LTME-postYou know Jason… its been a year since we last spoke and even though my life hasnt been perfect I cant really complain because I’ve grown a lot. I recently found out through a mutual friend (im pretty sure you have no idea we have a mutual friend) that you moved to another state. Me, being nosy as usual decided to check you out after a year of completely avoiding your social media accounts for my own sanity and found out you moved with your current gf (who looks like a basic bitch version of me btw). I love how you flaunt her, show her off, got her connected with all your friends and family but you kept me on secret and never ever posted a picture with me on social media. Was I not good enough for you? Guess not. Also love the fact that you moved out with her after a couple months of meeting her, exactly what you wanted to do with me! Are you really that scared of being alone that you jump from relationship to relationship like that? Or maybe not, maybe I just meant shit to you and thats why you were able to move on that quick when I went on clinical depression after you left me because you felt “forced to be with me”. It doesnt even matter to me anymore tbh, i actually thought I was gonna be hurt but it got me mad and realized I never really told you how I felt about you Jason! And you probably wont ever read this but here it goes. I hate how you hided me from everyone in your life when I was always so proud and happy to call you my boyfriend, I hate how you manipulated me, how you made me feel like |SHIT and treated me like a failure just because I couldnt go to college like you, i hate how you lied to me ever since the beggining of our “relationship” when you didnt even mention anything about your ex and her family and I had to find about it BY MYSELF (i actually hate myself for ignoring the red flags when i found those messages in your phone), I hate how you treated me like a sex object when you used to sleep over and would wake me up in the middle of the night to have sex with you when you knew I had to work the next morning and I wanted to sleep, i hate how you would make me feel like crap because I didnt wanna go and play fucking basketball with you at 11pm after working 2 fucking jobs when all you did was go to your class, i hate how you criticized me for working what you would call a “shitty job” when you didnt even have one and didnt even have to pay rent because you lived with your ex’s family FOR FREE (You really got no shame), i HATE how YOU FUCKING RAPED ME ON MY BUTT ON NEW YEARS EVE WHEN I WAS DRUNK AND I COULDNT SAY NO, AND YOU KNEW IT WAS HURTING ME BUT YOU KEPT GOING. I want you to know that it hurt me so fucking bad that I passed out for a couple minutes and you know what you fucking piece of shit? You gave me an infection and you didnt even care, you didnt even offer me to help me with the medicine when you knew I had no insurance. I hate how you LIED to me about you losing your wallet, how you were texting other girls when you were dating me, how you went to surf with that bitch you had been talking to, three days after you broke up with me. I hate how you PLAYED ME, and made me believe you LOVED ME when all I ever was to you was a stupid girl who you could have sex with. You think I didnt realize what you were doing all those days that you would disappear with your “friends”? And lastly, i FUCKING HATE YOU for giving up on me because you thought I wasnt worth it and you thought I was a waste of time. Well, I dont have to prove nobody anything but I promise you that if you ever see me again, I’m not gonna be that naive girl that you met online. I was worth it, I had real feelings, and I have fucking goals even if you think I dont. I’m doing awesome, have an awesome new job, have savings, no debt, no drama, healthy and happy, and of course! No fuckboys by my side! I learnt a lot from you! Oh and i forgot to mention.. i hate the fact that you never gave me an orgasm and I had to fake it everytime so you wouldnt feel so bad about yourself 🙁 no tienes la culpa de tenerlo pequeñito pobrecito… oops. Anyways, It feels good to get this out my chest, cant say I wish you the worst, but I wish you receive what you deserve.. good and bad. Good luck with your life, try not to be a fucking idiot because no matter how much you read and study you were still a fucking idiot. You cant dance btw. Dont even try… you look ridiculous. Okay bye loser you know who I am.


  1. Jill. Jones 3 years ago

    I’m not sure who you are, or what Jason you are talking about….But it sounds like my husband …

  2. Isabel 3 years ago

    I really loved this letter. You go gf.

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