I’m not sure

I’m not sure

I’m not sure

LTME-postDear ex
Its been a while.

I’m not sure how I feel about you.

Your excuses.
Your lies.
The feeling of love or…. “like” if you will, that feeling you once gave me.

I’m not sure..

I’m not sure how you can hesitate telling me you love me. “Loves a strong word and shouldn’t be thrown around willynilly.”
Eventually realising you “did”,
some how you felt nothing as you walked away.
Why is it that now, No one new compares to you.
But to you I’m not worthy compared to others.
I’m not sure why, now that you’re gone.. I have to be the one to think about you still. Hauntingly.

Well so I assume..
Why would you think about me?

Im not sure..

Im not sure what ever did to you, to deserve the heartbreak you gave me.
You said you loved me.
You called me a bestfriend.
You called me family,
you called me


Im not sure how I feel.
Was anything you said, true?
You told me how proud you were to call me, yours.
You told me you’d never leave.
How did your mind change from this, to nothing.

After all this time Im not sure how I feel.

But I know I still love you.

And it sucks.


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