Dear Matthew

Dear Matthew

Dear Matthew

LTME-postWhen I first met you, I didn’t expect it to go anywhere since I was going through a tough time but when we had our first date, I was blown away. Our chats over dinner were effortless and it seemed that we got along very well. You were one weird soul and well, I felt that we made a great connection.
After that, we saw each other for a further four times and I thought we had something special going on. I thought you were into me. Then, when I called you out for some inappropriate behaviour, you decided to pull away from me. I was so confused.
Weeks would go by and you would not message or initiate hanging out. You just contributed it to being busy over the silly holiday season. I had to call you out on this – you said the time we spent together had meant something to you yet your actions now seem to indicate otherwise.
You eventually told me you were not ready for a relationship – You were trying to get your life together as you say. My heart was broken. You just wanted to be friends. At the time I thought that was ok.
A month later and to be honest, I still have feelings for you. Your lack of communication seems to indicate that you don’t even really want me as a friend and you only used the “Let’s be friends” line to let me down in gentle way so that you would avoid conflict. You were just not that into me. Let’s face it, if I was the right person for you, then you wouldn’t have let me go so quickly.
I had so much to offer for you. I seriously did.
Today is the day I cut all ties with you and I will move on with my life to forget about you. The only time you should ever contact me again is if you are willing to have a serious relationship with me….but who knows, by the time you come back, I may have moved on to someone else.

Good luck.


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