I know my worth now – thank you!

I know my worth now – thank you!

I know my worth now – thank you!

LTME-postDear You,

Through all the pain and tears you’ve put me through, I have come out a stronger person and all i want to say is thank you. You showed me what is was like to care for someone so deeply, to share parts of my soul and connect to someone on a spiritual level even if you were 5000km away. However, you also showed me what it’s like to be neglected, taken advantage of and emotionally abused.

You have hurt me more than anyone else in my life, but it was walking through this fire that has saved my life – because you taught be that I deserve better. I deserve to be someone’s everything, someone that will always be chosen no matter how many temptations are calling them. I deserve to be loved, cherished and valued no matter what life throws at them. I know my worth now and I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR SCRAPS!

I do not wish you harm, or plan to seek revenge in any way but intend to live my life as a woman that puts herself first. As cliche as that sounds, I plan to throw myself into my studies, work, hobbies and passions and be the best version of myself that I can be – something that you didn’t appreciate.

So for the time being – until the day when we’re both ready to meet again, peace out!


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