Regretting looking you up on Facebook

Regretting looking you up on Facebook

Regretting looking you up on Facebook

LTME-postDear Ex (Mohmmd),

Hmm A lot of days I’m feeling sad, I dont really know why.. and I suddenly thought about you. our relation was so good and I know that I was so stupid for the reason how it ended. I thought that it was for our own good. And I’m so sorry because you felt bad. I was the first girl that you introduced to your family even if there were girls that came into your life before me. I wanted to see how you are doing so I looked you up on facebook and now I kinda regret it. Lol. I felt a sting in my heart because I can that the your present really loves you a lot. Like a whole lot. Because she posts a lot about you and I see how she really appreciates you which is the opposite of what I did to our relationship.. im not the kind of person who posts a lot about her partner and maybe thats what I lacked. I’m not that showy to you. Maybe thats what you like..A reassurance that someone loves you and is proud of you.. kinda mad tho that you blocked me after we broke up because I really thought that we cound be friends or at least not a stranger to each other because we were good when we talked things through.. or thats just me? I’m sorry for not putting much effort in our last months together and for not showing affection when I felt that we needed a break.. I just wished that I should have done my role during the days that I was si stressed with my life and it kinda affected our relationship.. I’m just really thankful that you were good to me during our time together.. still the good outdid the bad times.. and I just want to say that I hope you will achieve success and I wish you happiness with your person now.. thank you also for your family who welcomed me well… this is the last time that I will think of you.



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