LTME-postDear so and so

Been needing to get this off my chest but telling you directly isn’t right and writing this will take my mind off it. Thank you for everything you put me through, it challenged me then and has made me a greater person for it. There was some of the best times my life with you but we both knew deep down it wasn’t going to last. People say to me now I wasted four years of my life with you but honestly I don’t see it like that. Everything that I went through in that time you were the person I looked for when I was in need not my family or friends but my best friend. There will always be a part of me that will care but not enough to let you enter my life again. Going to sound bad but the weekend after we broke up I met someone else and have been talking to them for three months now. At the time I lost hope never thought I was capable of giving someone else my love. But I haven’t told her yet but I’ve found someone I can and she is the most incredible person I’ve ever met. The connection between us is something I’ve never had before and I can safely say I didn’t have that with you or will never have it with anyone else. I guess my point is whatever anyone is going through with their break up there is light at the end of the tunnel. It may not seem it a lot of the time but it is a hell lot better than what you think.


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