LTME-postAlright. So I have wrote one other letter on this site before and it didn’t make me feel better. It’s been like 7 years since we broke up and you still cross my mind. So know we both have families now, but I really wished you didn’t pop up in my dreams or wondering if you’re doing okay. I know our relationship was very toxic and obviously never going to be long term but I did truly care and love you. I’m sorry for having sex with your best friend, but I was 19 and angry that you wouldn’t reply to me for months. I was spiteful and naive and so young. I wish you got to see the person I am today. I have three children now and they mean the world to me and the love I have for them is insane. I also have someone who loves me so much and is such a good man. I need to realize and treat him differently. Just wanted to vent here and let it go. This is my goodbye. No ever wondering or messaging or anything. You are my past and my past only. You’re just a memory that’s fading. Take care.

Goodbye. Ryan I


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