It’s not your fault, it’s mine.

It’s not your fault, it’s mine.

It’s not your fault, it’s mine.

LTME-postIt’s more than a year since I saw you
Things are same but seems to be new
I wonder how lucky I was then
You were my best pastime when
I know it’s my fault to mess it all
But trust me you were going to make another fall
You begged me from midnight to another nine
But baby, I told you already
It’s not your fault, it’s mine.

The time I remember, we used to cuddle and kiss
Things were sweet, of course I do miss
I did wrong and trust me now I am paying
I broke myself in pieces when you said you’re staying.
You were all red and crying and weeping
I was the one you took the part of leaving
But you still said it’s okay let’s start new
I can’t fix everything but did only few
Left you for a reason to see you strong
Saved you from doing once again something wrong
You cried so many days until you realise
It’s not your fault baby, trust me it’s mine.

It happens to people around me
Soon I get close, soon time leaves me
I talk to me sometimes looking at the mirror
We were on the same side once in the past year
Life goes complexing as we started to hide things from each other
Maybe not today maybe tomorrow we will understand
Love of our is for each other to stand
Everything we are is for ourselves
To keep this memories I paid a lot
And I will do forever with whatever I got
Even if I say Goodbye you know I don’t mean it
If I say I love You, I know You don’t feel it.


  1. A 6 years ago

    This is a situation I can relate too unfortunately, And it seems to me that this one is just as selfish
    We need to learn that we can’t make a choice for another but place it all on the table for them to make a choice. For them to stay true to them self, no forced hand.
    We can’t say they won’t feel our love, if we don’t say
    We can’t say goodbye and know they aren’t willing to accept it at face value.
    What we can do, is risk it all and let the chips fall where they may. If they fall in a way we are hurt, than so be it. Love them enough to let them go, wish them well and never forget

  2. Love of your life, don't try to live without them 6 years ago

    @author no I can’t feel something that you don’t show. Does it matter whose to blame. As long as you apologize and CHANGE the behaviour.

    We need to allow each other to love one another.

    I’m probably not your person. It’s really well written. Reach out today, don’t wait for might never come or you could be top late.

    Don’t try to live without the love of your life.

  3. Are you still in love with your Baby? 6 years ago

    @Author. Why don’t you tell your person? Did you break up with them on this day?

  4. Forever 6 years ago

    @author was she worth it? was R worth it? Worth the lies? I wonder who is the manipulator? Her? you? Had to blame me and project and make up that I was ‘going” to do that to you?

    Yes, there was someone else. Rebound R and she knows how you felt and still feel about me. R manipulated you into being with her and you let her interfere and get in between us. You let her control you. She gave you a ultimatum to cut me out of your life. Someone you care about. And she wants tou to cut out your relationship with my family. Open your eyes and your heart.
    You were scared that I would do that to you? I did not do that, but she did and she is in your life.
    I love you and you dont feel it and we both said goodbye, but dont mean it.

    First Forever – That is something that will never change.

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