I still love you, wait for you and I don’t know why?

I still love you, wait for you and I don’t know why?

I still love you, wait for you and I don’t know why?


You broke up with me despite me telling you that my father is severely ill and in the hospital and might not make it this time and I would not be able to take this pain, asking you to give it a chance to work, for us to work but you just gave me 5 minutes to wrap up saying you have moved on and need to go to see someone else.

you kept saying goodbye and i kept asking you to work, asking you to be considerate but no. I asked you what was our problem? We were together 4 years , you had proposed to me told my family you were so ready to marry me? and then you got scared of commitment.

You told me you just have one life, and you wanted a bunch of girlfriends in fact i am seeing someone else tonight. not once you thought how i would feel. not once.

you said were not attracted to me anymore-> no more because i had gained 5 pounds i am 120 lbs really and you called e fat and unattractive while that is so not true.

you put a 5 min timer on me to say my last words.

I made christmas for you. got you stuff you always wanted. always was by your side when u were fat, bald and also jobless. when even you were low i was there for you telling you how strong you are and i am always there for you.

booked movies with premiere seats, music festivals, did everything which made you happy.

you threatened to dump me because I would not swallow so I practised deep throating for you though it would make me gag like hell.

I am an engineer, with a strong mind, stable job yet i stood by you in your weak times because i strongly loved you.

what was worse? you also cheated on me with ur ex and yet forgave you because that year i knew i was travelling a lot for work and could not give you time. you always made me believe it was my fault always.

I am not much of a drinker but i would get drunk with you knowing that that made you comfortable to talk out your feelings and we could work it through.

you sometimes felt unworthy so i agreed to even go to therapy with you.

whatever cant even type anymore… go f*** yourself you piece of sh**, you are a leech, I still love you and that sucks so bad. a part of me still waits for you that is so sh**y.

i hate having your memories. you lured me into your love you sick bastard you came running after me and then after four years months before we were to be married you do this.
you were confused, i was not i was a strong headed woman you wanted to seriously be with you and give you a family!
cant even vent anymore. karma will take care of you.


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