I hate this sadness

I hate this sadness

I hate this sadness

LTME-postI thought you were too good to be true. I could always feel there was an attraction between us even before we were together. Slowly but surely we became inseparable and our feelings finally spilt out when the tension became too much. It was like something from a romance novel or a chick flick. It was like it was meant to happen. Then after a while you slowly lost interest. You said that we could still be best friends, but you were still keeping me at arm’s length most of the time. I didn’t understand. I also never understood your reasons for ending our romance in the first place. The bag you expected me to carry was twice as large as mine. I don’t understand how my bag was too much for you when carrying your bag regularly was so strenuous for me.

Having to see you walk out with him every day has amplified my pain tremendously. I feel like there would be room to heal if it weren’t for that. I feel like I’m in a movie theatre with my hands nailed to the seats being forced to sit in front of something that fills me with misery. I know that you could care less about anything I’m feeling, but I don’t hate you. I never could. I hate the pain that I feel though. I hate this sadness. I wish it could all just stop in an instant and I wish I could forget everything.


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