How to forgive you

How to forgive you

How to forgive you

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You did a good job at hurting me that up till now i still remember you
Its the pain that you caused me and the fact that you were never sorry were the reason why i cant let go, i felt humiliated even now my heart remembers it,
I wish i could forgive you so i can be free from this, you caused me so much trauma that my self worth is gone,
That night when you left me alone, when i was waiting for you but you hid away
When i was reaching for you but all you do is pushing me as if i had disease
That rainy afternoon when i begged you to stay but you refused and heartlessly turn away
From all those hundred calls that you didn’t answered
All the times im grasping for my breath
Those tears that i shed all day and all night
I just wished you knew how badly i was hurt
Those days i turned so skinny
Those times that i felt so ugly and insecure,
This repeating questions from my head
What happened? Was it my fault? Was i never enough? I thought we are strong but why did he left me for her? Was she better than i am? Where did our love go? Why i am the only one in pain?
Those times i beg the Lord for mercy to take me away in such a nightmare that was never ending
I was in pain, i was desperate and angry
I was never given an answer nor an apology
Thats the reason maybe,
But really i wish i can totally move on and heal my heart from you
Time cant heal everything
My heart still remembers
I hope you’ll find me and just say your sorry

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  1. Rolande laplante 5 years ago

    My lord I wanted to say all of this stuff to him .than you very much , it’s exactly what Iam going thru right now . Omg . I can’t believe it , it’s like I myself write this letter .

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