You’ve been my rock

You’ve been my rock

You’ve been my rock

LTME-postDear jazmin
The truth is, I’m not the best with words Unless I write them down and rearrange them first When you told me the news, took me a little while To believe it i refused went into denial My emotions of you not Being here forever my denial turned to shock but you have been my rock maybe even my idol and I just wanted to say thank you for the time you have spent with me in my life and it pains me to know this is more then Likely the last time I could have ever gotten to see you…. as I have said I can’t bring myself to get on that plane just to know it’s all for nothing yes I was hoping for a comeback but that not in the plans but I am not going to dive into all that all I will say is this if you ever need someone to talk to or just have a ear to listen to whatever you have going on don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me I will be taking a break from social media for a while just to focus on the present moment so if you going to reach out do it on through my two different phone anyway I hope you always keep that chin up you deserve happiness princess
I will always love you and hope you know That I will always consider you a friend two people that have so much in common are meant to be at least friends yes we are hard headed independent people but at the same time you really completely stole my heart I don’t want anyone else but you but I understand if it’s not for another five six year he’ll I hope you both make it last the rest of your life together you two deserve each other I could not do it god has a plan for me I know it but I am not really ready to except that it’s all up to him I make my own path in life the way it is maybe down the road if you ever reach out to me I can enjoy life as you do kid jazmin be the person you want to be

Sincerely yours CRS

P.s. The point is simply this….life is a fluid and it’s ever-changing Sometimes it changes for the good sometime to changes for the bad……the point is to keep going

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  1. Bismarck 6 years ago

    The post script summerized it all.
    We all want some that we might disregard, or maybe dwell in the what if.

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