I’m messed up in all types of ways

I’m messed up in all types of ways

I’m messed up in all types of ways

LTME-postit’s been a rough road with you ever since the beginning. We’ve been on and off for almost a year now. I always run back to you every time you call no matter how hard you hurt me the time before. I can’t seem to let you go. You have become a part of me. If it was up to me, I would have ripped you out of my heart months ago. I hate the fact that you only call me whenever you’re alone. Whenever no one else wants you. Why? I wish you never came into my life , but I’m happy you did. You make me feel several ways about you. You have me messed up in all type of ways. Which I think is very bad. Please set your mind straight . Tell me what it is you really want.

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  1. Whata shock 5 months ago

    What he really wants is a quick fuck when no one else is around. And thats what you want too so quit trying to be maudlin about it. Just realize that is what you are to him, and that is what he is to you. Its not some big tragic hopeless doomed love. Its just abooty call. Really for you maybe more than for him. Enjoy the sex, and go have some with other people too.

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