It has now been a year since you told me you no longer wanted to be married to me. I still to this day have no understanding or a reason from you as to why. There are many nights I wake up and feel a pain that I have learned to live with since you broke me. I lay awake at night feeling a huge hole in my heart and although I try my hardest to put things in their place I am still consumed by the heartache you left.
We had just had our daughter that was planned and you chose to leave us. I am no longer mad at you for leaving me but I am more mad at you for leaving her. As much as I would like to hate you I am thankful to have been given this gift of a daughter. This amazing little person looks so much like you and you will never know due to the fact that you are an irresponsible and heartless man. I sit and think of when the day comes how I have to explain to her that you didn’t just leave me you left her and for what? I still don’t know.
I loved you very much and I was a happily married woman that was carrying your child. The disgust I feel in my heart when I see you is such an overpowering feeling that helps me cope with this hurt my heart has encountered. I will never be the same and I hope one day I can trust someone again the way I trusted you. I absolutely hate you and I hope you feel the same amount of pain one day the way I did as I sat on our couch feeding our daughter and you telling me “this isn’t working out.” You pitiful and pathetic excuse of a man.


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