LTME-postWhen I first met you I knew I had to have you. I grabbed you that day at 420 fest and I kissed you I didn’t even know you but I always felt like I did. I just wanted you so bad. You were mine all mine. I’m so glad that you gave me a chance to know you. You’re an amazing girl so talented and beautiful. I really appreciate everything you ever done for me. I have always enjoyed all our adventures and the music you showed me. I’m sorry that our relationship was so short; it’s my fault not yours. I wish I could of been better for you. I wish I could of hugged you harder when I had you. You were my first and you are the only woman who’s ever made me feel so alive. I think about you everyday I find you in every girl I meet but no one could ever compare. You’ll always be my funny girl and I’ll miss your dumb jokes. You were the best and I’ll always love you. Take care.

P.S apologize to your family for me, especially your mother she was a great woman and I’m sorry I let her down.

P.S.S maybe one day I could show you all the cool music I discovered. I’m sure you’ll love it


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