I am letting you go

I am letting you go

I am letting you go

LTME-postDear ex,

It’s almost a year since we broke up. It’s more than half a year since I last went looking for you to ask if you were mad at me. You said no, you didnt want to talk to me because you felt that the breakup was still too fresh. It didn’t make sense to me that you didn’t even greet me on my birthday. You are playing the victim. I have this feeling that you think I’m not hurting. I am but I want to move on already. Completely move on. I know I will never forget you. You were once part of my life and will be part of my memory forever. Other than the pain, you also gave me joy and motivated me to become better. For that, I thank you.

I wish you start being brave in love. I think you are a coward in terms of facing the ugly portions of love. You are not good with confrontations. I hope you have the courage to communicate how you feel even when it can hurt the other person. Honesty is better than fake joys. I wish you the best on your endeavors and on your next relationship. Please love her better.

As for me, I want to stop thinking of what might have been. You have been on my mind quite frequently for these past few days. I want peace for both you and me. I hope you’re fine — healthy and strong.

I am letting you go. The fact that you have never tried to reach out to me, I know you have done the same —we have let our love go. Goodbye.



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