So much for friendship…

So much for friendship…

So much for friendship…

LTME-postHello there “friend” it’s really hard to believe that I once loved you. I mean we are on completely opposite sides of the spectrum. I recently connected with you again and it’s been a little under a year since we started back up as friends. Who are we kidding? We never worked as friends before. Why start now? In an attempt to be kind and correct my mistakes, I’ve given you too much. I’ve been there for you 100% and this time you will not take advantage of my kindness! I hate that I care so much. Don’t I mean anything to you? You always talk about how you want to find a love like ours but was it really love? The more I talk to you, the more I feel like our relationship and current friendship was a mistake. I have always known that you weren’t right for me but I was blinded by my feelings for you before. Now that we’re in our mid-20s and I have my life together, I refuse to let you take me down with you. I am in love my husband but you seem to always belittle what I have with him. You’re cocky and a piece of crap! I am soooooo glad that we didn’t end up together! I will always be thankful for the moment you moved on and let me move on with my life. I am but a slight shadow of the ignorant person I once was. So even though it hurts me I will leave you in dust and I hope that the right person can pick you back up. After all these years I never got closure and I suppose that’s why I came back. But once I did you continued to badger me into being your “friend.” So I gave in and we started a genuine friendship, you made me laugh and I gave you advice. It seemed to balance out in the beginning but then you started needing me more. I am so sorry but I have nothing left to give. I’m kind but not a pushover! Yet, you still keep prodding me for more. Calling me at all hours of the night, knowing that I am exhausted and lead a busy lifestyle. I wish you weren’t so selfish but I could care less now! Because while I am content with my life, you are still finding yourself. I am sorry but I do not need weak people in my life! I need someone that peaks my interest and motivates me to do better. So for that reason I do not wish you any ill will and I hope you get everything you want out of life. My only wish is that you do all of that away from me!

All my best,


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