A Game Of Thrones love story

A Game Of Thrones love story

A Game Of Thrones love story


You used to call me my sun and stars and I used to refer to you as the moon of my life.
We wanted a love story as strong as the one Khaleesi and Khal Drogo had.
A love story that will make us stronger,
One that no human being could destroy.
But we were wrong our love story wasn’t,
It was nothing close to strong
It disappeared as shallow as it came along
And it easily got destroyed by two human beings,
Or maybe a little more.
Little have we known that Khaleesi and Drogo’s love wasn’t immortal.
Unfortunately for the lovebirds we were, it was.
So I hope you’ll always remember this,
When the sun rises in the west
And sets in the east
Then you should return to me my sun and stars.


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