C, it’s been 6 weeks. I think about you every day. I feel your loss every day. Sometimes I wish I’d fought for you. Made you see that it’s my responsibility to look after my feelings, my fault if I get hurt. Maybe if you’d have known that you wouldn’t have worried so much. Wouldn’t have tried to protect me.
But I know you weren’t ready. I know you were hurting. I couldn’t expect you to deal with my pain and yours.
The worst bit is, I think we had it right. I think we were good together. We worked. We made each other happy. It was just the timing that didn’t. Maybe that’s what’s hardest; there was nothing wrong with us, just with when we met. Or maybe what’s worst is knowing that that wasn’t enough.
Thank you for showing me kindness. Thank you for caring.
I miss you. I hope we find each other again on day.

All my love,

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