Dear Prafful,

I don’t know how to begin this letter. we have known each other for 1 month and a half all this time, it has been a beautiful journey with u. u are an amazing person i met & we have a wonderful memories together. 

U are the best man I have ever known. I have always admired u for you’re caring, kindness & others. u are the type of person who doesn’t share you’re problems, u hide you’re pains from me i don’t like that but I’m really thankful to u for making me part of you’re life & it brings me joy & happiness but I think we should forget each other. I really hope that u find a better person who would trust u more than me & who would love u more. someone who would respect u like I do.  I am so sorry as i cannot be that person for u. thank u for making me happy.

I’ve cried over u every night these past few months, I’ve let my own thoughts. I wanna know if u miss me as much i miss u?! I still love u & it hurts so freakin bad. I don’t really want to cry over u but i can’t stop these tears. I’m so sorry I wasn’t good enough for u. I still thinking about u a lot. I wish that I didn’t think about u at all. u really hurt me but I still wonder about u a lot. I wonder what you’re up to, I wonder what are u doing right now, I wonder who you’re friends with anymore, I wonder if u are dating anyone. I wonder sometimes if anyone knew that u dated me.  
I don’t think that any of you’re family members knew but that’s how being long distance works.. I hate that I still love u, I hate that I ever responded to your first messages. I wish that I didn’t.


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