Left on my tongue.

Left on my tongue.

Left on my tongue.

One thing out of it all that i remember SO much was biting my tongue from telling you stuff. sometimes you’d piss me off and i really wanted to let you know but… i was far to afraid i’d lose you. before my lover you were my best friend, my “ride or die” or whatever.
i was SO attached i was afraid you’d hate me for getting mad or start an argument, so i bit my tongue and never let it out. now there is so much left on my tongue that i never got to say. like how you were acting like a bitch, or being too harsh on someone. especially nerd, you just wanted a reason to get angry at someone all the time. i saw how quickly you’d drop them like they were nothing and forget about them, maybe that’s what terrified me.

i know i said i wasn’t mad but hell i just didn’t want to argue, i was so upset i wanted fly all the way across the country to slap you and yell in your face. but i guess she is prettier, i’d choose her too (not if i was you even as myself i would choose her because you are so ugly) whatever that’s not the point. sometimes i couldn’t understand you, sometimes id think you were insane, but i didn’t want to lose the last person i had left.

you actually have problems though, you get with someone new right after breaking up with your ex! (sometimes it’s during that relationship) can’t believe YOU cheated on ME and i let it hurt so bad. you weren’t even worth it. maybe i’m just so deprived of getting that satisfaction of yelling at you and hearing you confess. you didn’t even fucking reply to my long paragraph of me breaking up with you. AND THEN. you comment on my post like you can just walk back into my life? that stuff isn’t working on me. since the time you decided to cheat on me, my heart never was or will be yours again. ever since you chose her, you not only lost your lover, but a lifelong best friend, congratulations.

congratulations for being the stupidest person on the planet. i’ve known you for SO long, we were best friends. we had the same future planned together, but you had to go with the girl you’d met more later right? we could’ve done SO much. i really thought i needed you in my life SO much. but the truth is.. 

i don’t even fucking need you.

i’m doing great! actually i’ve found someone new and you don’t know how relieving it is to finally find someone who ACTUALLY truly likes me. we might not be dating but the whole entire time we’ve been talking,
it’s surprising but..

i’ve enjoyed it better than the whole time i’ve known you.

in just a short time, he’s already better than you.
he actually puts in effort and shows he cares and wants to have a relationship unlike you.

oh and heard after you chose her, you left her for some guy, how’d that turn out? 
oh wait.. he played you didn’t he? PFT,

anyways i never want to even see you or think about you ever FUCKING again. so this is the last time i’ll ever think about you, because i am officially over you.

i’m glad i left you in 2021.

goodbye nnaihs.
just by that you know who i am.
remember when i called you that?
pft. never want to hear it again.


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  1. Chris 2 years ago

    My ex(hopefully I’m divorced)is a two faced lying pos, that came back only to try and destroy me and my life on every level. With the help of an “army” I’m sure she’s friggn some of them, they just about did it. Now I’ve purged all her pos friends from my life and my home, idc what she does or who she does it with, Karma speaks for me 💃

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