The past

I wrote a letter here once, three weeks after our relationship ended – crying over it, binge watching shows and eating like a god. I was really devastated and thought, even though I knew that this feeling wouldn’t last forever, it felt like it. 

Fast forward six months. I got a new job that treats me better, I work out, I go out with friends partying every weekend and I have a guy Im talking to – a guy that treats me so much better than you ever did – both at the start and definitely at the end. Older by a year too, so two years older than you.. within that age gap there’s so much that’s different – he has a job, studies, lives alone and has his license. You didn’t have and still don’t have any of that. You got kicked out of high school LOL.. 

I heard you got a new girl though. At about the same time as I wrote the last letter – three weeks out of our relationship. You know, in the last one I blamed myself so much and said that it was all my fault, but clearly it wasn’t. And never will be. Looking back at the threats you sent me after we broke up and saying you’ll come to my house, I definitely wasnt the problem. YOU were. Maybe some things were my fault, but the way you manipulated and controlled me.. of course you’d convince me that it was my fault and I agreed since I was so in love.

I still think about you though. I almost cried the other day when When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars played in the club. I still get insanely upset when I think about the fact that you managed to replace me so easily, but it speaks volumes about you. You can’t stand being alone, you need validation. You’re depending on your mom so badly and you needed me, and now that you’re gone you need a new mommy number two. Iys too much to expect you to grow and mature. You need to find someone who expects less from you and I guess you’ve found that. But its so embarrassing for you, isn’t it? You can’t even tell your friends her name cause you’re scared they’ll find her unattractive and laugh at you.. But trust me, they’re laughing at you already, and laughing at the fact that you treated me so bad and that I was out of your league. 

Honestly, you suck. I wish I saw it sooner. 



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