All of what happened between us, is my fault

All of what happened between us, is my fault

All of what happened between us, is my fault

By the time you read this letter, I will be just a memory from our time together as boyfriend and girlfriend. We had so many fun times together, lots of adventures and dreams we wish could have come true. The promise that i made to you about not letting the break up, take away the happiness and the self worth that you taught me I had. Unfortunately, I can’t keep that promise because I still love you. There is more to the sadness that has been felt over the past 5 months that you were not even aware of. Im sorry that I wasnt the girl that you wanted, sorry that I was not worth the effort. You deserve better than a screwed up woman who cant even keep a real relationship going.

When I told you that I miscarried the twins, it hurt knowing that they could not have their father’s last name. Wish I knew why. Was it because you doubted they were yours? Was it because you didnt want it to be true? It doesnt matter anymore, because like it or not, those babies were yours. The most painful part of this, was having to deal with the emotional pain by myself even though you promised i wouldn’t have to. It takes longer than 3 weeks to get over losing a baby and even longer when it came to twins. Despite all that, I do still love you even if you stopped loving me. All of what happened between us, is my fault. Now by saying goodbye, I can save you the trouble of ever having me destroy your life again. Goodbye my friend.

Michelle M


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