It is your loss

It is your loss

It is your loss

LTME-postMy eyes are dry, there are fewer tears this month, my heart is still heavy but I remain strong. I am no longer going to let myself “carry on”, I will try and be brave enough to move on and love again.

For 7 years you came in and out of my life like a revolving door. Today I end that. You are no longer allowed in, I will not let you have an inch of my heart, I am better than that.

You wanted this to be over, so I will let you have what you decided. And when, not if, you come back- I wont be there anymore. I hope it hurts like hell for you like it did for me. I have never felt so crazy, out of control or cried that many times- but today- I feel the wind in my hair, I feel freedom- I feel like myself and you will never get me back now.

Your loss, my gain. I loved you once, I hate to admit that I probably always will. But time changes people, you grow apart and I have learnt that letting go isnt failing- its the next chapter opening. And even if it takes years for the next chapter to show any light- i will remain strong and keep faith. Eddy- you will realise one day what a big mistake you made. And you will never have someone like me. All the best, you will need it.


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