Forever Free

Forever Free

Forever Free

Hey you, 

I fell for you, I loved you with every fibre of my being, I believed in you and every word you told me. I was stupid and gullible, I am however grateful, your actions meant I learned boundaries I learnt I have, strength, morals and values. That I can’t be bought and I can’t be undermined. You treated me like utter rubbish. Then told me I was loved, you failed to come look after me when I was really poorly and told me I didn’t ask you clearly enough, you told me I was unreasonable when I told you I needed some support. 

You know what I didn’t want your help, you told me I had to share my burden, I did, you let me down. I don’t hate you for that, I just feel sad my babies had to see me crushed so effectively so quickly. (Don’t worry though, I’m better now) 

Stop damaging your girls – treat them as equals, don’t favour one because you see her more. Stop damaging your girls – 6yr olds shouldn’t be watching Deadpool at 10pm on a school night. 
Stop damaging your girls – stopping their innocent games because you don’t like them. 
Stop damaging your girls – don’t give gifts just to take them away.
Stop damaging your girls – by telling one her hair is uncared for and her mum doesn’t have time for her. 
Stop damaging your girls. They are beautiful young people and will only resent the control you seem to need to hold. 

Stop damaging yourself by hiding behind clever words, and withholding the truth. 
Stop damaging yourself by pushing people away.
Stop damaging yourself by being too proud to admit when you are wrong.
Stop damaging yourself by not holding your loved ones close. 

Forever Free 
S x


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