Dear Gairus

Dear Gairus

Dear Gairus

We broke up almost a year now and I still think about you all the time. There will be days where I think about what used to be and how I wish I could go back and fix everything. I miss you. Our relationship was so different then everyone else. But we were too young and I was naive to think that we would work out. You got scared when you found out your best friend liked me and ended it then and there. You didn’t care how I felt. I wish I would have told you that I didn’t like him or told you how much you meant to me when you found out. I never wanted him, I had only wanted you.

You had told me you loved me and I had wanted you back we were both crying but I was too scared to get back with you. We would still hang out which made things so much worse. I wish I had taken you back. I wish you would have asked me out again. Last summer you kissed me and tricked me into thinking you had wanted me again. I truly thought you wanted us again. You sat there and hugged me and cuddled with me made me sit on your lap and made me fall for you even harder. It was all a lie. You played with my emotions but still even though you gave me so much pain I wanted you.

Last October you had kissed me again and boy did I fall. I was so addicted to you and you knew I was. I was wrapped around your finger. Yet two days after we kissed you texted me and said you had a girlfriend. How could you do that to me? Again! You have hurt me so many times and yet  I still think about you. I know you aren’t good for me but I still want you. I wish I could go back in time. I hate that I want you still.

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  1. Anonymous 2 months ago

    Hey, I get your pain and I hope you are better. That guy didn’t deserve you. Get back your crown and act like the queen you truly are (and set higher standards, girl!!!).

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