I’m through

I’m through

I’m through

I am so mad at you for the way you treated me during the relationship. Who are you to cheat on me when I have loved you from the moment we saw each other. I hate you so much. I never want to see your ugly face ever again. It makes me laugh to think you loved me when it was all bullshit. I’m so glad my friends told me about you and I never want to have any contact with you. All I have to say is one day I will find someone else who would love and appreciate the love I give and I know my own self worth and it isn’t being treated like the way you treat me. You humiliate me in public by yelling at me, you say very disrespectful things to me when I am just minding my business, you talk so much shit about my family, and you cheat on me instead of telling me you want to break up. I rather you just break up with me than me finding and figuring things out for myself. Also good luck with your life because I am not helping you pay the rent or helping you with other things. I’m going back to my mom’s house because I rather be somewhere where my love and heart is value.  I’m through with your bullshit. 

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  1. Heliriana 4 weeks ago

    Right on, Emi! I recommend listening to “I don’t fuck with you” by Big Sean & E-40 as you walk towards your new life free from the hurt and baggage.

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