Thank god it’s over

Thank god it’s over

Thank god it’s over

LTME-postDear Hector,

I recently saw your new profile picture on Facebook. Thank you so much for breaking up with me and cheating on me and getting that girl pregnant after you got me pregnant. Thank you for saying you didn’t want to take responsibility and caring for my child. You look very and truly disgusting. You got fat. So fat. Thank you. Before she got pregnant I saw a picture of your new prize and she’s really fat, with bushy brows and buck teeth.

I’m so glad it’s over between us. Thank you, you fat fuck. And to your new girlfriend, thank you too fatty for “stealing” him and playing the victim so he can comfort you and sleep with you. That’s what he does. He likes to play hero to a lot of women. Though, he definitely is no hero. Just an abusive piece of shit. I’m sure in a few months you’re going to find out what I already know; he’s sleeping with a girl from his job.

Goodbye Fat Fucking Hector. Fuck you, fuck your new girlfriend and fuck your family for them supporting your sorry ass not to support a child that you helped in creating.


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