Unexpected farewell

Unexpected farewell

Unexpected farewell

LTME-postHi you , I will not even say your name because i don’t even know if what u told me its true after what u did ; Im glad its over because you are clearly insane and out of your mind. I hope your “true” love will make u realize you were a bitch someday . I also know you will never read this letter because i know how much selfish you are , Can’t believe i wasted so much time to worry about you because I thought there was a better explanation for your behavior, but after all reality is more painful than I expected, I never wrote a letter here and this will be my first and last time because I will not say a word to you unless hell turn into ice. Your conscience though will haunt you forever and ever for the rest of your life. Have fun dear girl i once used to know and fuck you.

P.S. karma will take care of you when u’ll grow up


  1. Le 3 years ago

    It’s hard when you realize it was all a lie..

  2. shadow 2 years ago

    what did she do ? maybe you’re wrong about her ?

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