Why didn’t I speak up?

Why didn’t I speak up?

Why didn’t I speak up?

LTME-postFor almost two years, I have been in love with you, without you even knowing. You’re not exactly my ex, but theres just so many things I should have said and done. But I was scared, and worried about your rejection and having to face you after that, and I just couldn’t.
I wish I had told you that your smile always made me feel… welcome. When we’d greet each other upon seeing each other, you’d give me that smile… the one that could break any girls heart. I wish I had told you how beautiful I thought you were, with your warm brown eyes and fluffy hair. I wish I had told you you could always make me laugh, especially when my depression was at it’s worst. And I needed that, I needed someone’s warmth to help me. I wish I had just sat with you, gotten to know every little thing about you.

I just wish I had kissed you, held you, let you know how much I cared but I’m such an idiot, that I couldn’t even tell you. I was afraid to show that I was human and that I needed you. And now? We haven’t talked in ages, I haven’t seen your face in such a long time. Yet, something in my heart can’t forget you… can’t move on until I tell you.
I’m such an awkward person. I could just send a message asking you to meet up with me, and then I could tell you but I ‘m just not good at that. Besides, you’re probably in a relationship now. I just wasted all this time, hoping you felt the same, but I know you don’t, and if you ever did, that’s passed.
I miss you.


  1. Ķłķ 2 years ago

    You should have not be worried or scaird to tell anyone anything sit down and talk ik it’s hard but at times ppl cant handle it or take it I have fucked up hard and I am still regretting life right now life will take you where you want it to be there are time that you want someone back but life and time will get better a all we us ppl just need to control are actions and words ik bc I’m trying to try that to I hope for the best . I have tryed and gave everything but most ppl will never understand the dark side if us ppl bc they have not ben in are shoes are past defines who we are now and if we all could go back and change everything everyone would be happy got the best good .

  2. Kehrberg 2 years ago

    He is still in love with you he does not know how to cope with him self yet or what he wants in life

  3. Anominous 2 years ago

    It’s not your fuilt kayla but that was really beautiful he might be or is not in a relationship all you need to do is ask that’s all and you did not waste time bc if two people love each other they will find a way to figure stuff out and time will come by and time will heal if you truly love someone dont stand there go after it. 👌

  4. Wolfs lovers 2 years ago

    Kayla I am just going to say that I still love you with all my heart but ik I can go to jail for texting you but what I do care and your not an idiot or anything your smart and more yes. Yes i am stubborn and what not and hard to get bc of my past I keep going backwards and it’s hard but you say I might not feel the same but baby girl I do just haft to ask or something it’s hard to speak anymore bc of us but it’s a life learn and lesson of what I did wrong and what I said to you was wrong but ik sorry does not cut it or anything else it takes a strong person to forgive and love that person but I gtg if you read this I’m sorry for the shit I did and what I have done to you um sorry I texted there are many ways to cope with each other we just need to sit and figure it out with each other 😓😢💔

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