WTF is wrong with me

WTF is wrong with me

WTF is wrong with me

LTME-postOk, I’m actually more annoyed at myself right now. It’s been almost two years, and I thought I was over it. But all it took was seeing you have returned to the forum where we met for the anger and hurt to surface. Not nearly as much as in the beginning, but it’s there. I think it’s because we left that forum, mostly because of your excuses for not being there, and now you’re back. Granted, I’m probably making assumptions and you’re still with the female you dropped me for. It’s just weird seeing you back in a place you claimed to have no time for, when that should still be the case. Part of me takes some small pleasure in thinking you’re back because the new thing didn’t work out, and part of me is mad because if that is the case, why not start talking to me again? According to you, I did nothing wrong, you never lied about loving me, and that I would never lose you altogether. How’d did that turn out? You made it so uncomfortable to even try to remain friends, I didn’t bother anymore.

The reality of it is, I’m still the amazing woman you used to know I was. I didn’t change, except to become gradually more accommodating to whatever time you had for me. What I should have done was tell you to act like I’m the most important person to you, not just keep saying it. I should have trusted my gut and left before you got the chance to string me along. The good thing is, you gave me the chance to remember for myself that I am a strong, amazing woman. And you, you missed out because you couldn’t recognize. Oh well.

Whatever you do with your life, good luck. I think I’m finally done with the pain, and you.


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