Yeah, we’re not going to be friends

Yeah, we’re not going to be friends

Yeah, we’re not going to be friends

Yeah, I was open to being friends. We were friends for years before, right? I met someone, briefly, but we didn’t take it seriously. You found another girl within a month.
All would’ve been fine and well, had his psychotic ex not been so… well, psychotic. I never would’ve known how much I could dislike you. Typically you don’t believe random people who message you on the internet, saying that your ex was cheating on you. Typically, even if you did, you’d CHECK with SOMEONE. Doesn’t have to be me… check with any of the friends who you told about our relationship. They knew more than I did. I’m insulted.
And really, the only thing that made you think she might be lying is what she said about my current boyfriend whom you barely know.
Remember how you said that I didn’t have to talk to you ever again? Yeah, I’m enacting that clause now. Don’t talk to me.

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  1. Sara 3 years ago

    Wow, this sounds Like my Boyfriend’s ex Chelsea B.

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