On the verge…

On the verge…

On the verge…

LTME-postDear B,

I’m on the verge of saying good bye , and I’ve been here before. Closer and closer each time. I truly hate you for this, when will I finally take the initiative to leave you and stop loving you?
My guess is the next time you decide to put your hands on me or maybe when you scream in my face that you hate me over and over again pushing me into a corner without restraint. Your anger and unwillingness to appologize on your own accord make me sick.

P.S I was always out of you league on every level.
Intelligence, common sense, physical attributes, kind realistic thoughtful personlity, physical and mental motivation to do what ever I set my body and mind to.

P.S.S. When I figure out where to go, I’m taking the dog. He belongs to me in every sense of the word.

Eat a giant bag of dicks.


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