I understand your decision

I understand your decision

I understand your decision

LTME-postDear _______________,

It’s only been a little while since we said our goodbyes and I promise that for now, this will be the last. I have written you so many letters over the course of the year and I never thought I would be writing you my last. You might have already thrown all of my letters out ( my hope is that you’d save some to remember me by, but I’m guessing that not what you want) but please read this through, this the last thing I’ll ask of you. If you don’t read it soon, I hope you read it at sometime when you’re ready for all I have to say. I’m writing all this so that I can finally let you go. And sorry if this makes it hard on you, I’m not writing this to ask for a second chance anymore its to finally say goodbye for now.

It’s hard to imagine that this is where we are now. Looking back, all I can remember is how much I wanted a future with you, how much I wanted to be with you. Feelings that have faded for you and now must fade for me. I thought love would solve all problems but I can see now that isn’t so much the case. And maybe in your eyes, I didn’t love you the right way, and I hope you can in time forgive me but I hope you know that in my own ways I loved you. You were my everything and my world and now I know that this is something that I going to need to let go. I’m hoping that time will allow that and in some way, I know it will. If time is generous I know I will begin to forget soon but I hope our happy memories stay. I hope that time does not steal those too but maybe that is a gift from time instead of a curse.

Herman Hesse said ” Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes its letting go. ” That must be true, cause letting go takes so much more strength especially if you loved someone. I’m going to choose to let you go cause that would mean that I did really love you till the end. I remember in the beginning I promised you that I would let you go if you weren’t happy and now its time to keep that promise as I keep all my other promises. I can’t say that I’m not hurting but now I can see that its time to say our goodbyes. This is the second time I had to say goodbye to someone I loved but thank you for giving me closure till the very end, it made things easier in a sense.

I’m sorry for reopening wounds for you. But at least I thought you should know that I respect and understand your decision now. I don’t think being friends is the smartest thing now but hopefully, we can in the future when we can smile and laugh at each other as we did before many years back. Who knows maybe when we see each other soon we’ll be two different people meeting each other for the first time. Hopefully, our paths were meant to cross later. If not, I hope she makes you happy. I hope she loves you as much as I did. I hope that she’s everything you wanted. I can only hope for the same myself. Goodbye my love, goodbye my friend. Till time brings us back together again, I’ll pray.


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  1. Charlie 6 months ago

    I know its probaly not you but seems like the girl i used to date a long time ago could have written this.

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