Still heartbroken, I loved you so much x

Still heartbroken, I loved you so much x

Still heartbroken, I loved you so much x

LTME-postTo Scuzie, ( this was our pop quiz name)

Its been just over a year since you announced those crushing words to me ” I want a break”.
I understand and know why you said those words in June 2017 , You were unhappy that things between me and you had reached a point where we were kinda og going through the motions, You was still wanting to romanced and spoiled , and you were right I should off ,because you were worth it.
I was guilty off taking you for granted, thinking you would always been there for me at a time I was going though a family crisis. You had thrown out the red flags warnings,which I failed to see.
I just wish you knew just how much I loved you, I should of told you more and should of held your hand more I should of kissed you more, ( just liked we kissed on our first dates)
You were awesome ,we had 4 bloody great years with each other. If I could just have one day back with you and would choose our day at Monkey world, I still have the brief video of you , you look so happy and radiant, I ask myself how the hell did i screw this up,
I loved you my 2 kids loved you, and now we you are gone, gone like you have been erased from my life for good,
I prey and hope that one day you will be back
Will always love you , and will always miss your hair ,eyes smile and laugh,
Scottie xxxx


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